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Welcome to the TYT Community discussion boards! Click on me to learn the very basics about how to use our discussion boards.

This discussion “category” called “Community” hosts 11 “subcategories”. Each subcategory hosts “topics” where you can engage in discussion, or start a topic of your own.

  1. #community:introductions
  2. #community:tyt-shows-and-hosts
  3. #community:general-chat
  4. #community:newsworthy
  5. #community:get-involved
  6. #community:tyt-visuals
  7. #community:animal-lovers
  8. #community:food-lovers
  9. #community:music-lovers
  10. #community:watching-reading
  11. #community:tech-support

For each subcategory, I’ve pinned a “topic” so that you can read about the subcategory purpose. You can comment, reply, like… all the things that make connecting from your space to mine possible. Start by interacting with this “topic.” Show me some love!

Like anything, using this discussion board will eventually become second nature to you. Before you know it, you’ll be welcoming our newcomers and showing them the ropes. So, give it a test drive and if you have any questions, hit us up in #community:tech-support so we can help you out.

Go ahead… dive into #community:introductions and say hi… we love meeting our TYT Community Members!

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